10 reasons why siliguri is the best place to live in india

Gateway to the Himalayas

Siliguri, gateway to the Himalayas, offers access to Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Sikkim, and nearby regions like Nepal, Bhutan, and Northeast India. 

Educational Hub 

Siliguri offers diverse schools to universities. Darjeeling and Kalimpong nearby also attract global students, fostering local children's academic and career prospects. 

Economic Opportunities 

Siliguri's key position drives commerce, with industries like tourism, trade, and services. As a major trading hub, it connects India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Tibet. 


Siliguri boasts strong road and rail networks. Flyovers enhance roads. Bagdogra airport, New Jalpaiguri Railway Station ensure smooth local and international connectivity. 

Healthcare Facilities  

Siliguri's rapid healthcare growth includes advanced hospitals, ensuring quality services for residents in this emerging medical hub. 


Distinct from much of India, Siliguri offers a consistently mild and pleasant climate with warm summers and cool winters. Surrounded by hills and mountains, it's an ideal comfortable residence. 

Safety and Security  

With low crime and a tight-knit community, Siliguri offers a welcoming atmosphere akin to extended family, ensuring residents' safety and comfort. 

Cultural Melting Pot 

Siliguri hosts diverse Bengali, Gorkha, Rajbanshi, Adivasi, Marwari, Bihari communities, creating a peaceful cultural melting pot with shared festivals, traditions, and enriching experiences.