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8 Interesting Facts about Northeast India

First Sunbeams in Arunachal 

Ever wanted to see the sunrise before anyone else in India? This state is like the country's sunrise champion because it's the easternmost. 

Jonbeel Mela in Assam

Jonbeel Mela in Assam brings back a super old way of trading stuff – like a swap meet from ages ago.

Ima Market in Manipur 

A market where only moms are in charge! It's called Ima Keithel, or the Mother's Market. You won't find another market like this.

Matriarchal Society in Meghalaya 

In Meghalaya, women take the lead – they're the big decision-makers in homes and society.  The Khasi tribes prove that both genders deserve respect. 

Shop Without Shopkeepers in Mizoram

Little shops by the road, but with no shopkeepers! These mini veggie stores, called Nghah lou dawr, can be found along the highway in Seling, Mizoram. 

Headhunter Tribe  in Nagaland

In Nagaland, there's a tribe called Konyak, and they used to be headhunters. That means they'd collect the heads of enemies as trophies after battles.

Ghost Soldier in Sikkim

There was an Indian soldier named Harbhajan Singh. His ghost guards at Nathula in Sikkim and warns of attacks three days ahead!  Even the Chinese respect him.

Floating Palace in Tripura 

Neermahal – a palace that floats on water! Built in 1938, it's a stunning piece of history that'll make you feel like royalty. 

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