The food and cuisines of Northeast India is diverse and unique, reflecting the cultural richness and geographical diversity of the region.  

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8 popular dishes from the Northeast states

Ironba or Eromba is a traditional Manipuri dish prepared with a mixture of boiled vegetables and smoked/dried or fermented fish (Ngari) mashed together with chillies. 


A dish of the Angami tribe of Nagaland, Galho is a savory mix of rice, vegetables, and different types of meat. 


A delicacy of the Garo tribe of Meghalaya, Na'kam Bitchi is a dry-fish soup dish that usually accompanies a heavy spicy meal. 

Na'kam Bitchi

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The traditional food of Tripura cooked without oil & considered extremely healthy. The main ingredient in the dish is Berma - dried & fermented fish which is a local favourite. 

Mui Borok

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The most popular Mizo cuisine made with pork, spinach and bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots is a very popular ingredient used in Mizo cuisines. 

Bai (Bamboo shoot stew)

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Wungwit Ngam is a meat dish prepared with chicken and rice. The rice is first toasted brown and then it is grounded into a fine powder. 

Wungwut Ngam

Known as the soul ingredient of Assamese dishes, Khar is prepared from ashes of sun- dried banana peel, which turns into a a dark brown liquid with a strong astringent smell. 


Prepared in the form of noodle soup made of vegetables, wheat flour and meat or mutton, Thenthuk is a popular soup dish of Sikkim.