Benefits of PM Vishwakarma Yojana

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Recognition as Vishwakarma through Certificate and ID Card


a. Skill Verification followed by 5-7     days (40 hours) Basic Training b. Interested candidates can also enroll for 15 days (120 hours) Advanced Training c. Training Stipend: Rs 500 per day

Toolkit Incentive

Rs 15,000 grant

Credit Support

Government offers collateral-free enterprise loans: Rs 1 lakh (18 months) & Rs 2 lakh (30 months) at 5% interest, with credit guarantee fees covered.

Incentive for Digital Transaction

Re 1 per transaction for maximum upto100 transactions (monthly)

Marketing Support

National Committee for Marketing (NCM) will provide services such as Quality Certification, Branding & Promotion, E-commerce linkage, Trade Fairs advertising, publicity and other marketing activities.

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