Dudhia Village: A Perfect Getaway from Siliguri

Image via Humro Tours

Located at just an hour's drive from Siliguri, Dudhia Village is a tranquil and scenic getaway for a blissful day.

Dudhia River Bridge offers a majestic view of the mountain ranges and meandering valleys that create a stunning backdrop for your escape into nature.

For a delightful weekend, you can enjoy a picnic by the riverbank of Dudhia Village amidst the scenic beauty and capture memorable photographs to cherish for life.

Image via Aayush Holidays

Bangey Restaurant, a popular food joint near Dudhia offers a culinary experience of delicious food and drinks with a unique local flavour.

Immerse yourself in Dudhia's vibrant Sunday Haat at Bangey Bazaar, where you can explore the local market, savor authentic flavors, and experience the rich tapestry of the region's culture.

If you have limited time in Siliguri, plan a perfect day trip to Dudhia Village and experience the charm of this hidden gem, surrounded by natural beauty, and easily accessible from Siliguri.

Dudhia Village is easily connected to Bagdogra Airport via the Panighatta-Naxalbari route which offers a serene and refreshing experience before your departure.

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