Megha Kayak Festival, Meghalaya

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Exciting Announcement

The Megha Kayak Festival in Meghalaya will be held from Oct 12-14. World-class kayakers will tackle Meghalaya's challenging rivers.  

Explore Meghalaya's Beauty

Meghalaya Tourism invites you to experience kayaking in Northeast India. This festival not only showcases adventure but also promotes water tourism in this beautiful state. 

A Global Gathering

People from all over the world flock to Meghalaya for the Megha Kayak Festival. Kayakers from New Zealand, France, Canada, the UK, and Germany unite for this thrilling event.  

Ride the Rapids

Meghalaya's heavy rainfall sets the stage for an adrenaline-packed challenge! The festival features races like Giant Slalom, Extreme Boater-cross, and Time-Trial Races, catering to kayakers of all skill levels.  

Women in Kayaking

It's not just about men dominating the waters. Skilled female kayakers from across the globe take center stage at Megha Kayak Festival. They lead workshops inspiring more women to embrace kayaking. 

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The Ultimate Challenge

The ultimate test for kayakers at the Megha Kayak Festival is the downriver track, a challenging 300-350 meters with Class IV sections. Kayakers get two chances to conquer it, and then it's time for the epic final race! 

Extreme Slalom

The Extreme Slalom race at the festival sees four kayakers battling it out to reach the finish line fastest.  

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Kayak Tricks

Kayakers show off their skills and pull off jaw-dropping tricks on the river. It's like a water dance-off you won't want to miss! 

Cultural Extravaganza

The Megha Kayak Festival is more than just a sporting event. It's a celebration of adventure and the breathtaking beauty of Meghalaya. 

Discover Meghalaya's Charm

Meghalaya's challenging rivers and stunning landscapes have made it a top destination for white-water kayaking.  

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