Popular Buddhist Monasteries in Northeast India

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Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

This monastery was built in 1681 inside a royal palace. It's the second largest Buddhist monastery globally, with over 400 monks living there. 

Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim

This sacred Tibetan Buddhist site is known for its beauty and spiritual importance. It's one of the oldest monasteries in the region, housing valuable religious items and offering a peaceful place for meditation and pilgrimage.

Namphake Buddhist Monastery, Assam

Established in 1850, this monastery blends Theravada Buddhism and Tai-Ahom traditions. It's a spiritual place for monks and pilgrims, providing meditation retreats and religious teachings.

Pemayangtse Monastery, Sikkim

Situated near Mount Kanchenjunga, this monastery was founded in the 17th century and plays a crucial role in managing Tibetan Buddhist monasteries within the Nyingma tradition.

Golden Pagoda, Arunachal Pradesh

This Buddhist temple is a unique blend of Burmese and Tibetan styles. Inside, you'll find a bronze Buddha statue. It's a special place with entrances symbolizing different aspects of Buddhism.

Venuban Vihara Buddhist Monastery, Tripura

This Buddhist temple near Agartala has a remarkable Buddha statue made entirely of metal. It hosts lively celebrations on Buddha Purnima.

Cheoling Monastery, Shillong

Founded by Tibetan families who fled China's crackdown in 1959, it serves Tibetan families in Shillong and other parts of India.

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