Top 10 places to visit in manipur


Loktak Lake in Manipur, is a stunning attraction with floating islands, including Sendra Island made of organic waste. The lake serves as a source of sustenance for the people living in the nearby villages

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Loktak Lake

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It is the world's only floating national park. It's home to the rare Sangai deer and a diverse wetland ecosystem with various wildlife.

Keibul Lamjao National Park

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Imphal War Cemetery houses 1,600 Commonwealth burials from World War II. It initially held 950 burials, later expanded by moving graves from smaller cemeteries. 

Imphal War Cemetery

Manipur Zoological Gardens, set in lush surroundings, spans nearly 8 hectares and hosts over 400 animal and bird species. It's a biodiverse attraction for wildlife enthusiasts.

Manipur Zoological Gardens

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Singda Dam, the world's highest mud dam, is 16 kilometers from Imphal. It offers scenic beauty, a serene lake, and serves as a multipurpose irrigation project. Popular for picnics and hiking.

Singda Dam

Shri Govindajee Temple, near the royal palace in Manipur, is a Nagara-style temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. It features morning aarti rituals and offers a serene setting for meditation.

Shri Govindajee Temple

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Kangla Fort embodies the state's history and culture. It was the seat of power until 1891 and reflects the region's rulers, way of life, and traditions.

Kangla Fort

The INA Museum commemorates the historic hoisting of the tricolor and showcases Netaji's valor during India's struggle for independence.

INA Museum

Dzuko, a valley renowned for its vibrant carpets of flowers, particularly the Dzuko Lily, a unique species exclusive to the Dzuko valley. It is situated in the border  two  Indian states, Nagaland and Manipur.

Dzuko Valley

Ema Keithel, the world's largest women's market in Manipur, hosts over 5000 women vendors selling various products, including traditional clothing, tribal shawls, vegetables, fish, and more, making it a tourist hotspot.

Ema Market

Manipur historically known as Kangleipak, is a northeastern Indian state with Imphal as its capital. It's bordered by Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam, and shares boundaries with Myanmar's Sagaing Region and Chin State.

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