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Top 10 Places to visit in Mizoram

Mizoram is a landlocked state in North East India. Its southern region shares international boundaries stretching for 722 kilometers, with both Myanmar and Bangladesh. In the north, Mizoram shares domestic borders with Manipur, Assam and Tripura.

Lunglei means 'bridge of rock' due to a rock bridge by the Nghasih stream, a quaint town 170 km from Aizawl. It's great for nature lovers and offers trekking, bird watching, and camping. 


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Mamit, Mizoram's fourth largest district, is famous for its vast orange orchards, natural beauty, and adventure opportunities. It's home to Dampa Tiger Reserve and the state's longest cave network in Pukzing. 


Reiek, or Reiek Tlang, is one of Mizoram's highest hills at 1465 m. It's a top place to visit, just 29 km from Aizawl, offering panoramic views of the city and peaceful Mizo Hills. 


Tamdil, or Tam Lake, is a serene man-made lake in Mizoram. Surrounded by lush forests and gentle hills, it's a perfect place for relaxation, boating, picnics, and enjoying nature's tranquility.

Tamdil Lake

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Serchhip, Mizoram's smallest district, is India's highest literacy rate area. Located 112 km from Aizawl, it offers a unique northeastern experience with rich local culture, nature, waterfalls, and trekking trails.


Murlen National Park in Mizoram is a must for adventure seekers. It's like India's Amazon with diverse flora, fauna, cliffs, and caves. Enjoy vibrant colors and spot wild animals and birds on a jungle safari.

Murlen National Park

Dampa Tiger Reserve, in Mizoram's jungles, about 125 km from Aizawl, is a tiger reserve since 1994, part of the Indian Tiger Project, and home to various animals and birds, including tigers, leopards, bears, and rare birds.

Dampa Tiger Reserve

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Saiha is the fastest growing town with a rising population. It's at an average height of 729 meters. The name comes from "Siaha," which means "elephant tooth," but it's traditionally called Saiha by the Mizos.


Champhai, in eastern Mizoram near Myanmar's border, is famous for its stunning natural beauty. It's known as the 'Rice Bowl of Mizoram' with rice fields, fruit orchards, and attractions like Kungawrhi Puk cave,



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