Namchi Smart City excels in the Northeast

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Namchi Smart City

Namchi Smart City, among the best in North East, was awarded at the prestigious event by President Smt. Draupadi Murmu.

Indore bags 'Best Smart City' award! 

At India Smart Cities Conclave 2023, Indore secured the top spot, followed by Surat and Agra.

Smart Cities Conclave

This event showcases India's urban development progress and brings together all 100 smart cities, providing a platform to highlight their work under the Smart City Mission.

Smart Cities Mission

Launched by the Central Government in 2015, this mission aims to create cities with better infrastructure, a sustainable environment, and improved quality of life for citizens. 

Sustainable Development

The Smart Cities Mission focuses on sustainability by creating models that can inspire other cities. It's all about becoming a beacon for others to follow. 

100 Cities, 100 Dreams!

The Smart Cities Mission initially selected 100 cities for development. Each city had its unique vision for becoming "smart."

Smart City Development

Namchi Smart City acknowledges the support from the Government of India and the State Government for this achievement. Collaboration is key to making cities smarter! 

Urban Development

The India Smart Cities Conclave 2023 not only recognizes achievements but also inspires cities to aim higher. Let's keep working towards smarter, sustainable, and vibrant urban spaces!

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