Popular startups from Northeast India

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Zerund, a brick manufacturing startup based in Guwahati, is revolutionizing the construction industry with earthquake-resistant, lightweight, and eco-friendly bricks made from recycled plastic.

Vantage Circle

Vantage Circle is a SaaS company that focuses on employee happiness. Despite being located away from the traditional startup hubs, Vantage Circle has attracted clients like Infosys and Deloitte.

Hill Wild

Hill Wild, a D2C chocolate brand based in Ukhrul, is among the remarkable startups, producing a wide range of products using wild flora from the hills of Ukhrul.


COLKS works with over 50,000 farmers and has achieved profitability while making a positive impact on local communities.


MizRun, a standout startup, started as a food delivery service but soon evolved into a comprehensive business solution for local MSMEs. Today, it has over 500 clients and is expanding into various domains.


With a focus on education technology, NagaEd offers a B2B platform that enables schools to transition to digital learning. It became the first Naga startup to secure foreign direct investment.

NE Origins

NE Origins is more than just a marketplace; it's an aggregator of talent, microentrepreneurship, and unique northeastern products.


Fueler, a startup based in Tripura's capital city, Agartala, offers a unique value proposition – it's a proof of work platform. It allows freelancers and creators to showcase their work.

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