Top 10 cities in Assam

Assam, a vibrant state in Northeast India, is undergoing rapid transformation. Today, we'll take a journey through its top 10 cities and discover some fascinating facts. 🚀

Dhubri is a historic city with around 75,000 residents. It's surrounded by the Brahmaputra and Gadadhar rivers. The city has a river port, Airport and a Railway Station.



Karimganj, with about 80,000 residents, spans 16.9 sq km. The closest airport is Rupsi Airport, & it has a railway station  Karimganj Junction in Banamali.


Bongaigaon, a major industrial city in Assam, has around 90,000 residents within its 14 sq km area. It's known for its industries and commerce.

Tezpur, known as the "City of Eternal Romance," is Assam's cleanest city. It's home to about 110,000 people and spans 40 sq km. Tezpur is a historic hub, a financial and administrative center for North Assam.



Tinsukia, an industrial and financial hub in Assam, has about 140,000 residents across 30 sq km. It's a major business center in the region.


Jorhat is a significant city in Assam, home to around 155,000 people and spanning 72.8 sq km. It's renowned as the cultural capital of Assam and the world's tea capital.

Nagaon, nicknamed the "Rice Bowl of Assam," is a thriving city with approximately 180,000 residents over 28 sq km. It's well-developed, with the nearest airport, Tezpur Airport, located 66 kilometers away. 



Dibrugarh, a charming and ancient city in Assam, is home to about 174,000 people across 71.83 sq km. Known as the "Tea City of India," it plays a vital role in Assam's tea industry.


Silchar, often called the "City of Love" & "The Island of Peace," is home to around 300,000 people over 26.88 sq km. It's the largest city in Barak Valley & the second-largest in Assam.

Guwahati, Assam's largest city, houses about 2.5 million people across 216 sq km. It's known as the cultural, commercial, and industrial heart of Northeast India, with nicknames like the Gateway of Northeast India, City of Temples, and Light of the East. 


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