Himachal Pradesh: High and Dry in Kasol

Himachal Pradesh - Kasol
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My first visit to Kasol (Himachal Pradesh) was an accident. I had never heard of the place or knew anything about the good stuffs there. I was on my way to Manali in a Himachal Transport bus, when my co-passenger and I got into a conversation and he was the one who advised me to take the diversion to Kasol before I reach Manali.

Wood walks and more walks


Upon reaching, I soon realized that I was perhaps the only one around who was never aware that this paradise existed. I met a friend who had come all the way from South India and helped me with some insightful hacks for enjoying my time there. Initially, I had all the apprehensions of being in a new place, but it did not take too long to let go of the feeling with all the love and warmth of the locals there. I had planned only to stay there for 3 days but then, Kasol gets into you and I end up extending the stay for 15 more days.

What did I do for that long period?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. And I am pretty sure that’s what everybody was doing.

But for 15 days?

Okay, let me take you through the routine. First, I got a map of the entire Parvati Valley and the villages around Kasol. Then, I would go about visiting every village in the map. I stayed where I like and hit the road when I didn’t. The cycle continued for the entire stay. Sometimes, I would come back to a village again just because I wanted to be back.

The bridge that divides human civilization from the pristine nature


Himachal Government has this homestay concepts in rural parts allowing local families to earn extra income by letting rooms to visitors. As a visitor, you experience the local lifestyle and culture staying with one of them and they also make some money in the process. Those days, I don’t remember having paid more than Rs. 200 per night for a room. Imagine a living expenses below Rs. 500 (less than $10) per day and that was (and is still) possible in Kasol.

Lazing around by the riverside becomes a serious affair


While more serious adventurists come to Kasol or Parvati Valley as this is the base for some of the most exciting Himalayan trekking routes. For non serious nature lovers, Kasol and its adjoining villages offer you amazing hiking routes. The gigantic mountains all around you are reminders of how small and immaterial before mother nature. Our massive walls of ego stand nowhere in the face of such natural magnificence and leaves us at their mercy.

Way to Heaven


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