Mizoram tourism on the rise: Over 1.96 lakh tourists visited in 2023

Mizoram tourism on the rise: Over 1.96 lakh tourists visited in 2023
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The northeastern state of Mizoram witnessed a significant surge in tourist arrivals in 2023, according to the state tourism department. Over 1.96 lakh tourists explored the scenic beauty of Mizoram, marking a positive trend for the state’s tourism industry.

Domestic tourists comprised the majority of visitors, with a staggering 1.93 lakh travelers. However, Mizoram’s allure is reaching international audiences as well, with 3,435 foreign tourists visiting the state in 2023. This data highlights the growing popularity of Mizoram as a tourist destination.

The influx of American tourists was particularly noteworthy, with 1,162 visitors from the US topping the list of foreign arrivals. Tourists from other countries, including Japan, Canada, Australia, Israel, and the United Kingdom, also contributed to Mizoram’s international tourist count.

This positive development comes after a period of minimal tourist activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mizoram’s tourism department strategically implemented a “responsible tourism” policy in August 2020. This policy focuses on sustainable development, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, strengthening tourism infrastructure, and investing in skill development within the industry.

One reason for the significant increase in tourist arrivals in Mizoram is the exemption of foreign tourists from obtaining a Protected Area Permit (PAP) with the exception of nationals from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China. Nonetheless, all foreign visitors are required to register at the Foreigner Registration Office in Aizawl within 24 hours of arrival to adhere to immigration regulations.

Mizoram’s captivating landscapes, featuring rolling hills, tranquil valleys, and cascading waterfalls, are a major draw for tourists. The state boasts a rich tapestry of flora and fauna, offering a unique opportunity to experience nature’s bounty.

Some of the most renowned tourists spots in Mizoram are Reiek Tlang, Vantawng Falls, Phawngpui Peak, Hmuifang Tlang, Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary, Murlen National Park, Tamdil (the largest natural lake in the state), and Mizo heritage villages located in Falkawn and Reiek.

The success of Mizoram’s tourism industry in 2023 paves the way for continued growth in the coming years. With its stunning natural beauty, cultural heritage, and commitment to responsible tourism practices, Mizoram is poised to become a leading tourist destination in the Northeast region of India.

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