Mizoram’s Majestic Waterfalls: Vantawng Falls and Tuirihiau Falls

Vantawng Falls and Tuirihiau Falls
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Mizoram, often referred to as the “Land of Blue Mountains,” is known for its breathtaking natural beauty. Among its many natural wonders, the waterfalls of Mizoram stand out as some of the most enchanting and serene destinations in the region. In this article we will explore the famous Vantawng Falls and Tuirihiau Falls of Mizoram.

Vantawng Falls

Vantawng Falls and Tuirihiau Falls
Image via Serchhip

Vantawng Falls also known as Vantawng Khawhthla, stands as Mizoram’s highest waterfall, nestled about 137 kilometers from Aizawl. It is located at the Vanva River and derives its name from the legendary swimmer, Vantawnga, who was renowned for his fish-like grace in the falls until a tragic incident claimed his life. It stands at a height of 750 feet and is a surrounded by dense forest. A comfortable viewing tower has been erected for tourists to enjoy its breathtaking beauty.

Tuirihiau Falls

Vantawng Falls and Tuirihiau Falls
Image via Mizoram_Tourism

Tuirihiau Falls, is located at a distance of around 2 kilometers from Vantawng Falls and stands out as Mizoram’s most breathtaking waterfall. It is also located on the Vanva River and has caves behind the descending waters, allowing visitors to view the falls from an extraordinary perspective. It is surrounded by lush green forest and stunning landscapes.

When to visit Vantawng Falls and Tuirihiau Falls

They can be visited throughout the year but the best time to visit these waterfalls is during or after the monsoon season. Majority of the waterfalls in Northeast India are seasonal and have less water during the other seasons. So, visiting in between July to the October end would be the best experience.

How to visit Vantawng Falls and Tuirihiau Falls

For visiting Vantawng Falls and Tuirihiau Falls, one should first reach Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram.

By air- the nearest airport is the Lengpui Airport which is 1 hr drive from Aizawl. Guwahati (GAU), Kolkata (CCU), Agartala (IXA) and New Delhi (DEL) have direct flights to Aizawl.

By Train- Silchar is the nearest railway station to Aizawl. The road trip from Silchar to Aizawl typically takes about 6 hours. Visitors can find shared Sumos for this journey at Mizoram Circuit House on Sonai Road in Silchar.

By road- Private buses like Network and Capital operate from Guwahati. Visitors can book tickets at Paltan Bazar, and the bus usually departs at 2:00 PM. The bus ride to Aizawl takes approximately 24 hours. Sumos are also available in the evening from Mizoram House on Christian Basti GS Road in Guwahati.

From Aizawl a three to four-hour drive would take visitors to Thenzawl, a major town where regular buses from Aizawl and other parts of Mizoram operate. Government buses run on the Aizawl-Lunglei Road, where both waterfalls are located. Sumo and taxi services are also available throughout the day.

From Thenzawl, the waterfalls are located at about 10 kilometers away. Sumo and taxi services are easily available from Thenzawl.

Things to do in Vantawng Falls and Tuirihiau Falls

Both Vantawng and Tuirihiau Falls involves walking to witness their beauty. This offers travelers the choice of a trek or a walk. For those seeking adventure, a trek to the base of Vantawng Falls takes over an hour. Camping and picnicing can also be done at the Vantawng Falls.

Place to Accommodate in Vantawng Falls and Tuirihiau Falls

Since, both Vantawng Falls and Tuirihiau Falls are conveniently located near to Thenzawl town, accommodation facilities are easily available. Visitors can stay in the private Homestays or can stay in the Mizoram Government Tourist Lodge in Thenzawl. This government lodge provides private rooms and halls to accommodate based on the visitors need.


Mizoram’s waterfalls are untouched and beautiful. They offer a chance to be in nature, unwind in peaceful surroundings, and enjoy Mizoram’s natural beauty. visiting these waterfalls will create unforgettable memories of Mizoram’s stunning scenery.

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