Kathmandu, capital of the Himalayas

Mountainecho - Durbar square
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Chances are high that you will not like Kathmandu at the first sight. Kathmandu is a city of paradoxes; from ancient ruined city to the best-in-class hotels; from the chaotic and dusty streets of the city to pristine Himalayan camps; from the astounding number of temples to the dance bars; Kathmandu has it all.

This crowded valley and its numerous temples are things that grows into you once you acquire its taste, much like vintage wine or cheese. With almost equal number of temples and houses, there are higher chances that you might stumble upon God in this city, than in any other place on earth.


A friend jokes on the side “the indigenous communities of Kathmandu city are Gods, monkeys, and humans. Originally, it was Gods and the monkeys until human beings invaded the city.

Families performing last rites for the dead is a daily routine along the ghats.


For the spiritually bent, you can sense that divine connection and a sense of living within a temple premise. People go about touching statues as they walk, or spin the prayer wheel on the walkway on their way to office. However, as a modern city, it severely lacks amenities and public infrastructure, congested roads, and opportunities are scarce.

Nepal being the global capital for adventure seekers has some best-in-class accommodation to cater needs of people across boundaries. Kathmandu being the transit city before tourists head west to Everest base camp, Annapurna ranges, offers all kind of stay for all budget from hostels to super luxury. Nepal also boasts of the highest bungee jumping and canon swing, aptly named as The Last Resort.


In Kathmandu, most tourists and backpackers stay in Thamel area, the dark underbelly of Kathmandu city. In the night as the whole of Thamel lights up, it is no less than any other global city. The city has everything travelers require for mountain adventures, cafes, hotels, and the hub for drugs, prostitution, and the inner secrets of Kathmandu.

Thamel Bazaar, Kathmandu


We were traveling in a group, consisting mostly people from Delhi and we couldn’t help notice the live music scene there, and how we completely miss it in Delhi. Every other place has some band playing classic rock and Nepali music. Basically, there are two kind of places to hangout in the evenings — a decent place that plays live music and drink or visit one of those notorious ‘dance-bars’ and discover the other side of you.



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