Majuli Island- The Largest River Island In The World

Majuli Island
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The Brahmaputra is a transboundary river in Asia, flowing through Tibet, India, and Bangladesh. It’s known for its massive volume and diverse ecosystems. Majuli, located in the Brahmaputra River in India, is the world’s largest and most populous river island. It’s renowned for its rich cultural heritage and biodiversity. The Majuli island is a riverine delta with the area of about 352 It gets bounded by river Subansiri in the north-west, river Luhit in the north-east and the river Brahamaputra in the south. It is located at around 20 kilometers from Jorhat.

Majuli Island is a place where one can see amazing natural things. While travelling to this island on a boat, one can see beautiful green fields that look like a colorful carpet. The island’s fertile soil nurtures a variety of flora, including swaying paddy fields, colorful wildflowers, and age-old trees.

Majuli Island
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How to reach Majuli Island

Reaching Majuli island is not that hard. People from mainland India can take a flight to Guwahati International Airport. After arriving Guwahati one can either catch a train or a bus to Johrat. Majuli is a river island and is not connected by any roadways. So, from Johrat one has to travel through ferry services to reach there.

When to visit

The ideal months for visiting Majuli island is generally from October to February. In this time the climate is mild and moderate and the temperature ranges below 20 degree celsius. The Rass festival of Lord Krishna is also celebrated in this period in November. One can enjoy this festival in Majuli.

Majuli Island
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Things to do

The island offers a captivating blend of cultural immersion and natural beauty.  One can explore its renowned Vaishnavite monasteries, like Kamalabari and Auniati Satras, to witness traditional dances and traditional mask-making. One can also engage in bird watching, cycling, and pottery experiences while enjoying sunsets at Luit Ghat. One can experience the events like the Majuli Festival and Majuli Mahotsav, savor authentic Assamese cuisine, and embark on river cruises along the Brahmaputra. One can also discover the island’s history at the Majuli Museum and capture its essence through photography.

Tradition and culture

Majuli Island Tradition
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Majuli Island is a cultural hotspot in Assam. The island is the heart of Assam’s Vaishnavite culture, which emphasizes devotion and artistry. The Satras, monastic institutions founded by the revered saint Srimanta Sankardeva, are the focal points of this cultural tapestry. These Satras are not only centers of religious learning but also hubs for traditional music, dance, and theater.

Majuli is also a treasure trove for traditional crafts that have been passed down through generations. The skilled artisans of the island create exquisite pottery, handwoven textiles, and intricate masks. The art of mask-making is particularly captivating, as these masks are used in traditional dance dramas that depict various mythological stories. Exploring the workshops of these craftsmen, one can notice their techniques and the cultural stories behind each creation.


In the winter season the people of Majuli Island celebrate its main festivals with joy. One special festival is called “Ali Ai Ligang,” where people show gratitude to the gods for a good harvest. They dance, sing, and share delicious food. Another festival is “Raas Purnima,” dedicated to Lord Krishna. It attracts visitors worldwide, featuring vibrant dance performances and religious processions.

People light oil lamps and enjoy traditional dances. These festivals bring happiness and togetherness to the island, with everyone coming together to celebrate in their colorful clothes and traditional customs. One can get the best experience during this time.

Foods in Majuli

Majuli Isand Food
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One can experience the unique flavors of foods from the island’s surroundings and culture. The Masor Tenga fish curry, bamboo shoot curry, and mashed Aloo Pitika with spices are the most common dishes here.  The Assamese Thali, lentil soup, veggies, and fish curry are also found here.  One should definitely try the Sunga Pork cooked in bamboo tubes in traditional method. Besides this the island also offers traditional sweets like doi yogurt and coconut laddu.


Majuli Island stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and culture. Its breathtaking landscapes, rich traditions, and warm hospitality welcome visitors with open arms. For travelers seeking a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, Majuli offers a unique blend of tranquility and vibrancy. As one approaches towards Majuli their soul gets embraced in nature and tradition of this island.

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