Megha Kayak festival of Meghalaya

Megha festival
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The Megha Kayak is an annual festival held in the Indian Northeastern state of Meghalaya. This year the festival will be held from 12 to 14 October in the Ri Bhoi district of Meghalaya. This festival aims to be one of the largest festivals in the Indian subcontinent which showcases the thrill of kayaking in some of the toughest river around the world.

Meghalaya Tourism organizes this event to show the beauty of Meghalaya and to promote the adventure and water tourism in the state. Every year, more than 80 kayakers from all over the world come to the Megha Kayak Festival. The festival’s goal is to encourage people to visit Meghalaya. People in the festival do exciting things in Meghalaya’s wild waters. Kayakers from places like New Zealand, France, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany join in the event.

Megha Kayak festival

Meghalaya, known for its heavy rainfall, provides an exciting challenge for kayakers. The festival offers different types of races, like the Giant Slalom, Extreme Boater-cross, and Time-Trial Races. These races are quite demanding, but there are also special competitions for intermediate and novice kayakers, making it accessible to all. One fascinating part of the Megha Kayak Festival is the presence of skilled female kayakers from various countries. They not only compete but also lead kayaking workshops focused on women, motivating more women to try kayaking.

During the festival, each person who’s into kayaking will get two chances to make it to the downriver track. After that, there will be a big final race. The downriver track is quite tough, around 300-350 meters long, with some Class IV selection. Kayakers have to get through it in a specific amount of time. In Extreme Slalom race four kayakers will compete to see who can get to the finish line downstream the quickest. Besides this the Downriver Freestyle category will feature kayakers showing their skill and doing cool tricks on the river.

Megha Kayak festival

The Megha Kayak Festival in Meghalaya stands as a testament to the spirit of adventure and the beauty of the Northeastern Indian state. With its annual celebration of kayaking in the challenging waters of Meghalaya, this festival has evolved into a remarkable event on the Indian subcontinent’s cultural and sporting calendar. Meghalaya has also become the prominent destination of white-water kayaking with its challenging rivers and stunning landscapes.

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