Nepal: Pokhara & Dhampus

Mountainecho - Pokhara airport
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The 45-minute flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara, as they say, on a lucky day can give you lifetime experience of a clear view of the Himalayan ranges from the top. On other days, like ours, you will only remember landing in a tiny airstrip in a park-like airport. A you get off the plane, the sudden quietness, freshness in the air, and the surrounding mountains bedazzles for a moment. All the noise of the cities, the airport announcements, the deafening sound of the airplanes, everything stops for once.

And then you see the porter hauling your baggage out of the plane, unlike your airport carousals and brings it over to you. You laugh to yourself and think life can really be so simple.

Pokhara is beautiful. On a clear day, you can see three 8,000 meter (26,246 feet) mountain peaks from any point of the town. Some call it the Mountain Goa for its casual easy-going European lifestyle, amazing lakeside cafes. Watching over this little valley are the giant Himalayas, and the snow clad peaks in the backdrop as its protective guardian angel.

The Himalayas keeping a watch over Pokhara


Despite its very touristy feel, Pokhara is the first base for adventure seekers. Surrounded by the giant mountains, this is the perfect spot for mountain biking, off-road cycling, hiking, para gliding, and other adventure sports. If you are not up for these adventures, you can simply laze around the town, or even better, try and get hold of some local who can deliver you some magic mushrooms. Pokhara during the monsoon is a land of varieties of mushrooms. In the evenings, you can do some party hopping around the clubs in town. You will find some of the best roof-top cafes with amazing views right here.

Pokhara Lake, locally known as Fewatal is built around the lake


On the second day, we decided to trek up to Dhampus village for a closer view of the mountains. Located at 1750 meters, enroute to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC), Dhampus is about 4–5 hours hike from the highway. The locals are very hospitable and you will find a few guest houses too for your stay.

Annapurna peaks hiding behind the cloud


From Dhampus, you can see the breathtaking beautiful panoramic view of three giant mountain peaks, Annapurna ranges, mighty Mount Everest, and the Dhaulagiri ranges. Did you know that Eight our of Fourteen 8000+ peaks are located in Nepal.


As the night darkens, the mountain peaks shine brighter creating a magical spell of nature’s beauty. The view of the snow-white peaks in the backdrop of the mountain’s silhouette, the golden sunrise and the blood-red sunset — the mountains are the secret keeper of nature’s beauty and colors.

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