Enchanting Celebrations: The Sangai Festival of Manipur

Sangai Festival
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The Sangai Festival is an annual festival celebrated in northeastern Indian state of Manipur. The festival got its name from the state animal Sangai, the brow-antlered deer which is found only in Manipur. This festival is celebrated every year from 21st to 30th November in the valley areas of Imphal.

The Sangai Festival was first started in 2010 to promote the state as a tourist destination. The festival has also evolved into a significant platform for presenting Manipur’s abundant heritage and culture on a global stage. It is presently the most prominent celebration in the State. It greatly contributes to the promotion of Manipur as a premier global tourism destination. Each repetition of the festival showcases the state’s tourism potential across different fields such as Arts & Culture, Handloom, Cuisine, Music, Handicrafts, Adventure Sports and Indigenous Sports.

Sangai Festival
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The festival shows the State’s rich cultural history and the love for art that different tribes have. The State’s famous traditional dance called ‘Ras Leela, acts as the main attraction of the festival. Other dances like Kabui Naga dance, Lai Haraoba dance, Khamba Thoibi dance, Bamboo dance and Maibi dance are also performed in this festival.

The Sangai Festival also displays the State’s special handmade clothes and crafts. Huts representing different tribes are set up to show their creativity and lifestyle. The unique skills of the tribes are seen in their clothes and crafts, which are not found in the regular markets.

Sangai Festival
Image via E-pao

Another big part of the Sangai Festival is the state’s traditional sports. The festival showcases ancient sports like Thang Ta, Sagol Kangjei, Yubi-Lakpi and Mukna Kangjei. Beside this, other exciting outdoor activities like rafting, hiking and parasailing are also performed in this festival. There is also availability of state’s best food at different stalls. One can try the unique dishes like fish curry, Ooti, Bora, singju, Brown rice kheer, Paknam and Eromba.

The Sangai Festival is a special event in Manipur, India. The festival has become a big deal, showing off Manipur’s arts, traditions, and things tourists might like. There are dances, crafts, and sports from the past, as well as exciting new things like adventure sports and fresh local food. The festival helps people see how amazing Manipur is and encourages visitors to come and enjoy its beauty and culture.In the past, the festival has been very successful in bringing  lots of visitors from inside and outside the state.

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