Top 15 Restaurants in Siliguri

Restaurants in Siliguri
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Siliguri is a lively city in India which offers a lot of traditional and modern foods. One can enjoy special local dishes like momos and thukpa. There are also places to eat Chinese, Tibetan, and Indian food. From small food stalls to fancier restaurants the city satisfies every palate with its rich food culture. Here are some of the best restaurants in Siliguri.

Punjabi Dhaba: Renowned for its tandoori delicacies, the Punjabi Dhaba stands as one of Siliguri’s most popular restaurants. It offers old and modern styles seamlessly and fulfills diverse preferences. Among the notable eateries in Siliguri, many celebrate traditional cuisine like Punjabi kadhai which has evolved significantly due to collaborative exchanges of ideas.

Dhaba by Amber Restaurant: Esteemed for evening meals, the Dhaba by Amber Restaurant in Siliguri offers both indoor and outdoor seating options. It also houses a bar, making it a favored meeting spot for friends and colleagues. It is budget-friendly and serves a variety of North Indian and Mughlai cuisine, establishing itself as one of the economical dining establishments in the city.

Haveli Restaurant: It provides quality cuisine, moderate-priced beverages, and efficient service. Haveli Restaurant ranks as Siliguri’s premier rooftop venue for couples. It also offers tailored recommendations, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Bhojohori Manna:  Bhojohori Manna provides a unique dining venture absent in other Siliguri eateries. It is one of the city’s finest Bengali restaurants which occupies an old heritage building. This establishment offers variety of dishes from diverse Bengal regions, each prepared using traditional methods and offers the unique taste of foods.

Siliguri food

The Tribe: It is a branch of Hi Spirits Cafe and Pub, that has its own unique vibe. One can enjoy different types of food items here from different parts of the world. They also offer multi-cultural menu which are loved by the residents of this place. The fruits and vegetables served in this restaurant are grown organically in the garden. It is one of the few restaurants in Siliguri that offers quality and healthy food.

Taiwah Restaurant: Taiwah Restaurant holds the distinction of offering delectable international cuisine in Siliguri. Renowned for its Chinese offerings, it also presents an array of other enticing dishes. Combining comfort with elegance, it provides an ideal setting for refined dining, consistently attended to by an attentive and accommodating staff.

The Yellow Chilli Restaurant: Distinguished by its live music offerings, The Yellow Chilli Restaurant sets itself apart in Siliguri’s culinary scene. It features flavorsome North Indian, Chicken, and Seafood dishes and remains budget-friendly and family-oriented. It is also a top dining destination in the city.

Barbeque Nation: It is present in Siliguri Sevoke Road and has gained fame as an Indian culinary hub. It has extensive menu of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, including succulent kebabs and sizzlers. Besides this it also offers items like Pakodas and Wada Pavs, making it a favored choice for those seeking a buffet feast.

Restaurants in Siliguri

Hashtag: Hashtag is a hotspot for diverse cuisine in Siliguri. From Mexican to Chinese and Italian, its menu provides an array of tastes. With live music and dancing enhancing the experience, it ranks high on the list of enjoyable destinations for a vibrant night out with friends.

Around the Corner: It is located near Biswadeep Cinema Hall on Pradhan Road and is a hidden gem celebrated for its delectable fast food, especially its mouthwatering burgers. Among its highlights are the mushroom pasta and pork burger, while the apple pie with ice cream is the most famous here.

Chillout Restaurant: Chillout Restaurant offers comfort foods in Siliguri. Though renowned for its non-vegetarian offerings, it offers adequately to vegetarians. The crowd-favorites include Chicken Methi Malai and Dal Makhana, solidifying its status as a go-to venue for North Indian cuisine enthusiasts.

Gourmet Central:  It is known for the Bengali cuisine in an upscale setting and offers a prestigious dining establishment in Siliguri. It offers various seafoods where each dish is prepared following traditional Bengali methods. One will get a truly special experience there.

Restaurants in Siliguri

Netaji Cabin: It is one of the oldest restaurants in Siliguri. It opens early in the morning and is famous for its tea, coffee, and omelets. It is located in Bidhan Market and continues to be a favored destination for early risers.

Indian Pagoda Chinese Restaurant & Bar: It is a prime destination for Chinese lovers in Siliguri. It stands out for its extensive menu and well-stocked bar. It delivers an enjoyable experience through pleasant surroundings and commendable service and offers a balance between flavor and affordability.

Sagar Family Restaurant: It is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and has spanned three generations. The restaurant also provides warm hospitality to the customers. It offers good taste of food with higher quantity. It also remains an affordable choice for celebratory occasions and offers a delectable range of dishes.

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