Arunachal Pradesh becomes the Largest Kiwi producing state in India

Kiwi in Arunachal Pradesh
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Arunachal Pradesh has become the largest kiwi producing state in India, with a total production of 7,430 metric tonnes annually. The state accounts for 44.71% of the country’s total output.

Kiwi cultivation in Arunachal Pradesh began in the early 2000s, and has since grown rapidly. The state’s favorable climate and soil conditions make it ideal for its cultivation and is now one of the most important cash crops in the state, and provides a livelihood for thousands of farmers.

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The Arunachal Pradesh government is actively promoting kiwi cultivation in the state. It has provided farmers with subsidies for planting saplings, and has also trained farmers on modern cultivation techniques. As a result, the area under kiwi cultivation in the state has increased significantly in recent years.

The Arunachal Pradesh government is also working to promote the marketing of the fruit. It has set up a number of small processing units across different locations in the state, and is also working to develop new markets, both domestic and international markets.

The growth of kiwi cultivation in Arunachal Pradesh is a positive development for the state’s economy. Kiwi is a high-value crop, and its cultivation is generating significant income for farmers. The growth of its cultivation is also creating new jobs in the state.

The Arunachal Pradesh government’s efforts to promote horticulture cultivation are commendable. The government’s support is helping farmers to increase their income and improve their livelihoods. The government’s efforts are also helping to make Arunachal Pradesh the leading producer of horticulture produces in India.

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