Assam set to emerge as a semiconductor hub in Northeast India

Assam set to emerge as a semiconductor hub in Northeast India
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Semiconductors, the tiny chips that power our electronics, are set to put the northeastern state of Assam on the global map. A major development is underway with the Tata Group investing ₹27,000 crore to establish a “Semiconductor Assembly and Test Facility” in Jagiroad.

It is also to be noted that the Tata Group has already tied up with the Assam government to set up several cancer care hospitals across the state. Now, this project is expected to be a game-changer for Assam, bringing economic and technological advancements.

Industrialist Ratan Tata himself has acknowledged the transformative potential of this initiative. He stated on social media platform X that this partnership between the Assam government and the Tata Group will make Assam a “major player in sophisticated semiconductors.”

The Assam facility is expected to be operational by December 2024, potentially marking a significant milestone – the production of the first “made in India” chip. First “made in India” semiconductor chips are set to roll out by 2025.

This achievement would culminate years of effort, following an initial attempt at domestic chip production way back in 1962.

The impact of the semiconductor plant will extend far beyond chip production. The project is expected to generate employment opportunities in the region.

Additionally, this facility aims to support young individuals from the North East region by providing educational programs in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, semiconductors, and electronics.

Currently, 1,500 young individuals from Assam, predominantly women, are undergoing training at Tata facilities located in and around Bangalore.

The semiconductor facility in Assam built by the Tata Semiconductor Assembly and Test Pvt Ltd (TSAT) will have the capacity to manufacture 48 million chips daily and is being constructed at a cost of Rs 27,000 crore.

The semi-conductor sector in India is still emerging, with both local and multinational companies looking to harness its extensive opportunities. However, Prime Minister Modi’s technological revolution has brought neglected regions into the fold.

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