Bindu: The last village of North Bengal

Bindu village
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Bindu is a small village in north Bengal located at an altitude of 2000 feet above the sea level on India Bhutan border. It is the last village of north Bengal and is located 107 kms away from Siliguri. It lies in the bank of river Jaldhaka. This river is formed after from the meeting of three water streams at Bindu namely Dhud Pokhari, Bindu Khola and Jaldhaka.

Bindu is blessed with an awe-inspiring landscape that includes rolling hills, dense forests, and pristine rivers. The village is cradled by green tea gardens and surrounded by thick subtropical and alpine forests which creates a mesmerizing tapestry of colors throughout the year. The village is part of the Neora Valley National Park, making it home to an incredible place of flora and fauna. One can spot exotic orchids, vibrant rhododendrons, and towering bamboo groves that carpet the surrounding hillsides.

When to visit

Bindu Village
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Bindu village can be visited throughout the year. But the best time to visit is during the month of November to January. During this time one can see the Himalayan range and spot the migratory birds that resides here during the winter months.

How to visit

By air- The nearest airport is the Bagdora airport. After arriving Bagdora one can travel in bus or can hire a taxi to reach Bindu.

By train – The nearest train station is the new Jalpaiguri junction (NJP). From there one can continue the journey through road. Buses and taxies are easily available.

By road- The best way to travel to Bindu by road is from Siliguri as it is well connected to Siliguri by road. One can hire a taxi to reach Bindu easily.

Things to do

Bird Watching: Bindu is renowned for its rich birdlife. One can carry binoculars and a bird guidebook to spot a variety of colourful birds in the forests and along the riverbanks. It’s a paradise for birdwatchers.

Riverside Walks: one can walk along the banks of the Bindu River, which flows through the village. The gurgling river and lush greenery create a peaceful atmosphere.

Bindu Village
Image via Riddhimart

Visit Bindu Dam: It is a picturesque spot where one can enjoy boating and the scenic beauty of the Teesta River. The dam is surrounded by tea gardens, making it a perfect place for relaxation.

Trekking: The surrounding hills offer numerous trekking opportunities. One can trek to nearby places like the Neora Valley National Park for a more adventurous experience.

Visit Todey: Todey is a nearby village known for its beautiful landscapes and cardamom plantations. One can trek or drive to Todey from Bindu and explore the area.

Visit Jhalong: Jhalong is another village close to Bindu. It’s famous for its trout fishery project and the Jaldhaka River. one can visit the Jhalong Nature Interpretation Centre and spend time by the river.

Visit Tea Garden: The region is dotted with tea gardens. One can take guided tours of tea gardens like Sylee Tea Estate to learn about the tea-making process and enjoy some fresh tea.

Experience Local Culture: One can interact with the local Lepcha and Bhutia communities to understand their culture, traditions, and way of life.

Place to accommodate

Bindu has a forest department bungalow which provides comfortable stay. There are also others private accommodation available with various budget.


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Bindu Village is a nature lover’s paradise. Its untouched natural beauty, peaceful environment, and the rich biodiversity of its surroundings make it a destination worth exploring for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the pristine beauty of the Himalayas. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or simply a break from the chaos of urban life, this Village is sure to leave you captivated by its stunning natural charm.

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