Ch Enoni : A 22 year Naga girl from Manipur joins Indian Army as an Officer

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Ch Enoni, a 22-year-old girl from the Senapati district of Manipur, has accomplished a remarkable feat that has instilled immense pride and joy within her circle of friends and family. She has embarked on a journey that represents not only a personal milestone but also a substantial contribution to her community and her nation by becoming an officer in the Indian Army.

On September 9, a total of 161 cadets, comprising 36 women cadets, from the SSC-116 course, were formally commissioned into different branches and services of the Indian Army. This event took place at the renowned Officers Training Academy (OTA) located in Chennai and Enoni was one of them.

Enoni, comes from the remote Rabunamei village in Senapati district under the Maram sub-division. Her father is a retired sepoy of Assam rifles. She had made history as the first woman from the Mao Naga community to become an officer in the Indian Army.


CH Enoni mentioned that her journey towards joining the army began with her decision to join the NCC. She said that in the 8th grade, when girls were permitted to join the NCC, she decided to give it a try. After joining the NCC junior wing she developed a keen interest and decided to aim higher. Subsequently, she enrolled in the NCC senior wing in Delhi, and that’s when she found her inspiration to pursue a career in the Army.

Her journey to becoming a part of the Indian Army undoubtedly required substantial dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Enoni had to undergo rigorous physical training, mental preparation, and a competitive selection process. These challenges are a testament to her determination and resilience.


Enoni’s accomplishment extends beyond her personal aspirations. It serves as an inspiring example for the youth in her community and region. Her success breaks barriers and stereotypes, demonstrating that individuals from even remote areas can achieve their dreams through hard work and determination.

For Enoni’s family, her achievement is a source of immense pride. They have witnessed her growth, sacrifices, and unwavering dedication throughout her journey. Her decision to serve in the Indian Army is not only a reflection of her individual character but also a reflection of the values and principles instilled in her by her family and community.

Pankaj Luitel is a graduate from Manipur University and loves reading and writing. At MountainEcho, Pankaj contributes to the content team efforts and regularly writes for our website

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