Cherrapunji Gin: A sustainable spirit from the Northeast created using rainwater

Cherrapunji Gin
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Mayukh Hazarika, inspired by Cherrapunji’s reputation as one of the rainiest places in the world and its potential as a brand. So, he set out on a journey to leverage Cherrapunji’s geographical association and ended up creating the Cherrapunji Gin.

Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, once known as the wettest place on Earth, is now facing the challenges of climate change and reduced rainfall. But Mayukh Hazarika, a native of Shillong, has found a way to celebrate the region’s rich natural heritage and raise awareness about its water conservation efforts through Cherrapunji Gin, a sustainable and flavorful spirit made with rainwater.

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He recognized the value of rainwater, as it’s distilled water and an essential component in alcohol production. He chose to use rainwater instead of groundwater or other traditional water sources. The idea for Cherrapunji Gin was to provide a taste of the region’s abundant rainwater to over a million tourists who come to Cherrapunji each year.

Cherrapunji Gin’s uniqueness lies in its use of harvested and treated rainwater as a key ingredient, thereby reducing reliance on groundwater. Hararika’s company Raincheck Earth sources water for the Cherrapunji Gin from two rainwater harvesting facilities in Shillong and Mawsynram.

The gin is distilled using an energy-efficient, square-shaped still from the Netherlands and packaged in a lightweight recyclable steel bottle, reducing carbon emissions during transportation.

Raincheck Earth partnered with a Dutch master distiller to create the recipe for Cherrapunji Gin. The ingredients used in Cherrapunji Gin are sourced from the North East of India, including cardamom from the Garo highlands, peppercorns from the Khasi highlands, Kaji Nemu (Assam lemon) peels, and juniper from Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. The gin also features an infusion of second-flush tea from the Lushai Hills in Mizoram, providing a creamy, smoky flavor.

The gin gives a taste of the rich resources and natural beauty of the North East region of India. It represents a story of passion, preservation, and the spirit of the North East. By using rainwater for the gin, Raincheck Earth sheds light about the once known wettest place on earth, which now receives annual rainfall below 10,000 mm.

Cherrapunji Gin is currently available in Meghalaya, priced at Rs 2,500, with plans to launch it in Delhi and Mumbai in the near future.

Cherrapunji Gin is a shining example of how businesses can innovate and create sustainable products that also celebrate the unique culture and heritage of a region.

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