Chief Minister Charter School aims to reimagine school education in Sikkim

Chief Minister Charter School
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The Sikkim government has partnered with the Progressive Learning Foundation (PLF) and the Khelum Foundation to establish the Chief Minister Charter School (CMCS). This first-of-its-kind initiative in the Northeast aims to revolutionize education in the state and set a model for future development.

The MoU was signed on December 4, 2023, by CM Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) and representatives from the PLF and Khelum Foundation. This partnership is a major step taken by the Sikkim Govt in providing exceptional educational expertise for all children in Sikkim.

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CM Tamang expressed his vision for the CMCS, “Our goal with the CMCS is to reimagine education, ensuring that every child has access to excellent educational experiences and that every teacher has access to a variety of professional development options.”

Echoing this sentiment, Education Minister Kunga Nima emphasized that CMCS is not just a school but the genesis of an educational model prioritising foundational level literacy and numeracy as laid down by the National Education Policy.

Important highlights of the CMCS

Autonomy for innovation: While remaining a government school, the CMCS will have the autonomy to implement specialized educational directives. This allows for flexibility and experimentation in curriculum design, teaching methodologies, and student assessment.

Focus on NEP 2020: The CMCS will be aligned with the National Education Policy 2020, with a specific emphasis on foundational literacy and numeracy, which are considered the building blocks of all-around learning.

Teacher development: The initiative places a strong emphasis on professional development for teachers. This includes providing them with training in innovative teaching methods, technology integration, and other essential skills.

Localization of education: This initiative endeavors to shift from the general approach that has been followed until now to a more specific based approach. With the help of local and international experts, it aims to be sensitive and adaptive to the local context.

Focus on Games and Sports: This initiative is set to include a number of sporting activities into the curriculum to foster physical activity which is very important for mental health and learning.

The signing of the MoU adds a new dimension to the existing educational scene in Sikkim. The CMCS holds immense potential to transform the learning landscape in the state and provide students with a high-quality holistic education. The success of this project will be closely watched and could pave the way for similar initiatives in other parts of the country.

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