Diglot Edition of the Indian Constitution: Now, you can read the Constitution in Meitei Mayek

Diglot Edition of the Indian Constitution
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On the occasion of Constitution Day on 26th November, Manipur CM Biren Singh launched the Diglot Edition of the Indian Constitution in Manipuri Language (Meitei Mayek Script). It is a significant move by the CM to promote linguistic diversity and accessibility to the country’s fundamental law.

The bilingual edition, published by the state’s Law Department, includes the Constitution’s text in both Meitei Mayek and English.

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Speaking at the launch ceremony, held at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat in Imphal, Singh termed the occasion as a “historic moment” for the people of Manipur.

The Diglot Edition of the Constitution will make it easier for the people of Manipur to understand and appreciate the essence of our Constitution. He said, “the Indian Constitution is the world’s longest written constitution, and is admired across the world for its broadness, inclusiveness and tolerance.”

Taking to X, Singh expressed his happiness about the release of the Diglot Edition of the Constitution. He writes, “On this momentous occasion of the “Celebration of Constitution Day”, I am delighted to announce the release of the Diglot Edition of the Constitution of India in Manipuri Language (Meitei Mayek Script).”

The Constitution of India was formally adopted on 26th November 1949 but came into effect on 26th January, 1950. While 26th November is celebrated as Constitution Day which was earlier known as Law Day, 26th January every year is celebrated as Republic Day.

The Constitution of India is a single living document that lays down the fundamental principles and framework of the Indian legal system. It consists of 444 articles divided into 22 parts, with 12 schedules. It defines the fundamental rights, duties, and directive principles of the citizens of India.

Singh noted that the Diglot Edition of the Indian Constitution was special because it includes all constitutional amendments till the 105th one.

The publication of the diglot edition of the Constitution in Manipuri will help to promote constitutional literacy among the people of Manipur and empower them to participate more effectively in the democratic process.

This initiative will also contribute to preserving and promoting our indigenous language, Meitei Mayek.

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