Drugs Free Assam; CM shares report on total drugs seizures made in the state

Drugs Free Assam
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Under the Drugs free Assam campaign, the Assam government has intensified its efforts to combat the drug menace in the state, launching a comprehensive drug-free campaign and introducing a mobile app to facilitate citizen participation.

The “Drug-Free Assam” initiative aims to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and encourage individuals to come forward with information about drug trafficking and usage. As part of the campaign, the government has organized various workshops, seminars, and outreach programs across the state.

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The Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, taking to X (formerly Twitter) wrote, “Our actions to make Drugs Free Assam are showing amazing results. Here are the achievements we have made so far in the last two and a half years.”

In a significant step, the Assam Police has launched the “Drugs Free Assam” mobile app, allowing citizens to anonymously report drug-related activities. The app provides a secure platform for individuals to share information about drug trafficking, cultivation, and consumption.

“The Drugs Free Assam mobile app is a crucial tool in our fight against the drug menace,” stated a senior Assam Police official. “It empowers citizens to become active participants in the fight against drug abuse and provides us with valuable information to target our enforcement efforts.”

The Assam government has also taken a firm stance against drug traffickers, launching a major crackdown on drug cartels operating in the state. In recent months, the police have seized large quantities of heroin, marijuana, and other illegal drugs, and arrested numerous drug traffickers.

“We are determined to eradicate the drug menace from Assam,” asserted Himanta Biswa Sarma, Chief Minister of Assam. “We will not tolerate drug trafficking in our state and will take all necessary measures to protect our youth and society from the devastating effects of drug abuse.”

The Assam government’s drug-free campaign has received widespread support from various stakeholders, including NGOs, educational institutions, and community leaders. The campaign has also resonated with the youth, who have actively participated in awareness drives and anti-drug rallies.

With a multi-pronged approach that combines awareness, enforcement, and community engagement, the Assam government is committed to creating a drug-free Assam and safeguarding the well-being of its citizens.

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