Emerging Sports Powerhouse: Arunachal Pradesh’s Journey to Excellence

Sports Powerhouse
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Arunachal Pradesh’s minister in charge of Sports and Youth Affairs, Mama Natung, has said that the Northeastern part of India has the ability to become sports powerhouse in India. He said this as the state is performing better in the field of sports and games and has already become the sports powerhouse in the entire northeastern region of India.

Arunachal’s Deputy Chief Minister, Chowna Mein, attended the Inter State Badminton championship of the Northeast zone. This event is held every year by the Badminton Association of India which lasted four days. He said that the northeastern part of India is getting really good at sports and has emerged as a sport powerhouse in both the national and international events. He further added that the government of India is helping a lot to promote sports in this region. The region’s success in sports is also because of the development of international sports infrastructure like the Dorjee Khandu Academy in Arunachal Pradesh and the National Sports University in Manipur.

Sports Powerhouse

Before, Arunachal Pradesh was not much good in sports. But in recent years, things have changed. People from the state are now winning medals in many sports. Lots of young talents are coming up in sports, dancing, singing, and in many other fields. The government is helping them a lot and promise to provide them help in future also. The government also built 132 badminton courts in the state which further boost the state to emerge as the sports powerhouse.

In the last seven years, people from Arunachal Pradesh have won 342 medals in sports. Out of these, 81 of them are gold. The state is becoming really good in the field of sports and is leading all the northeastern state in this field to emerge as the sports powerhouse.

Sports Powerhouse

Moreover the 5th national junior boxing championship was also held in Arunachal Pradesh this year. The boxing federation of India (BFI) granted permission to host this event seeing the development of state in the field of sports. The state now holds the capability to host any national tournament.

Arunachal Pradesh is doing really well in sports. It is creating a shining example for other states. This shows that having good leaders, government help, and good facilities can help sports a lot. Going from not being well-known to being famous shows that all parts of the country have talent. This talent can become great if people work hard, stay determined, and believe in sports. This all contributes the state to become the sports powerhouse in country.

Pankaj Luitel is a graduate from Manipur University and loves reading and writing. At MountainEcho, Pankaj contributes to the content team efforts and regularly writes for our website

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