Assam entrepreneur creates innovative tea wine – a fusion of tradition and innovation

Tea Wine
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Have you ever heard of wine made from tea? Yes, that’s true. Now you can taste wine made exclusively from tea. Assam’s entrepreneur Alpana Saikia has been successful in creating the first-ever tea wine. She had also already made wines from fruits like fruits like peach, Banana, grapes, watermelon, pineapple etc. Assam tea, which is quite famous throughout the world, is once again making headlines for its innovative transformation into wine.

It is not the first time that efforts were made to make wine from tea. Back in 2017, researchers from Tocklai Tea Research Institute were able to prove that wine could be made from tea. In fact, they were the ones who created three varieties of wine from tea, namely, CTC, Orthodox, and Green tea wines. However, no one thought of commercializing wines made from tea though there were talks about its commercial potential.

Alpana Saikia, who has applied for a commercial license for tea wine, mentioned that all legal processes are nearly completed, and we can expect to see tea wines available in the market soon. The process of making wine from tea involved meticulous steps and a series of experiments.

She had dedicated a good number of years to the meticulous process of creating the new variety of wine. Assam tea was carefully fermented with a specialized yeast culture over several weeks. Following this initial phase came a period of patient waiting, during which the tea wine underwent continuous refinement. The final product came out to become the perfect balance of flavor and richness.

Tea Wine

The numerous positive feedback received from those who have tasted the wine has given hope to Alpana Saikia that Assam Tea will become an international brand in the coming days. “Given its uniqueness and rich taste, I firmly believe our tea wine will resonate with diverse age groups, making it a preferred choice,” she said.

Tea has been credited with having health-enhancing properties derived from its organic origin. “By amalgamating tea and wine, two beverages cherished across time and age, we are introducing an elixir that celebrates the virtues of both,” she told the local press.

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