First Sohphlang Festival to be held in Meghalaya on Oct 21, 2023

Sohphlang Festival
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Get ready for a delectable treat as the first-ever Sohphlang Festival is set to take place on October 21. Organized by the Seng Samla Balang Catholic Mawkynrew, this festival will be held at the Holy Cross School Mawkynrew.

The festival’s goal is to celebrate and promote the rich diversity of indigenous food from the Khasi-Jaintia Hills, particularly focusing on the Mawkynrew region, known for its abundance of Sohphlang.

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This initiative is receiving support from various quarters and are working together to ensure the event’s success. The tourism department is funding the festival, and it is being organized in association with the Agriculture Department and Meghalayan Age.

Pynbianglang Kshiar, the President of the Seng Samla Balang Catholic Mawkynrew, shared that the Sohphlang festival is a platform to showcase and preserve the unique culinary heritage of Meghalaya. Sohphlang, a locally cherished ingredient, plays a central role in the gastronomy of the region. The festival promises to introduce visitors to a wide array of dishes and recipes that highlight the versatility and flavors of Sohphlang.


Sohphlang is a semi-wild tuber found in the Khasi and Jaintia region of Meghalaya. The literal meaning of the Khasi name ‘Sohphlang’ is ‘grass fruit’. Its scientific name is Flemingia vestita and belongs to the Fabaceae or legumes family.

The edible part of the plant is the chewy tuberous root which has a crunchy, juicy bite, giving out a milky liquid. The taste is rather bland and subtly sweetish. People consume it as a snack either by itself, with salt and chilli flakes or with ground roasted perilla seeds. They also use it traditionally to expel parasitic worms from their intestines.

Kshiar said that the Sohphlang festival is not just about food; it’s also an opportunity for the farmers of Mawkynrew to exhibit their agricultural produce. This dual focus on traditional cuisine and local agriculture is expected to provide a holistic experience for festival-goers. Visitors can look forward to the distinct tastes of Meghalaya and also the dedication and hard work of local farmers.

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