Geographical Indication (GI) tags officially granted for Khamti Rice, Tangsa Textile and Yak Churpi

Geographical Indication GI Tags for Arunachal Products
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Geographical Indication (GI) certifications have been registered for 3 products from Arunachal Pradesh – Khaw Tai (Khamti Rice), Tangsa Textile and Yak Churpi.

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‘Khamti Lahi’ rice is a strongly scented sticky rice variety grown by traditional Khampti tribal farmers in Namsai region.

The Tangsa Textile weaving process is completely handmade, with striking colour combinations, design pattern motifs, organic dying ingredients and traditionally produced in a sustainable fashion.

Naturally fermented milk product Yak Churpi having a rich composition of protein, fat, lactose mineral elements and essential amino acids. Chhurpi is mostly produced and consumed in high altitude cold regions. Farmers convert their summer milk abundance into butter and Churpi by traditional methods in an indigenous cylindrical chumer made of wood and bamboo strips. Churpi is also an excellent and healthy snacks for dogs.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein said “I am happy to share the good news that three exceptional products of Arunachal Pradesh have successfully obtained Geographical Indication (GI) Certifications. These products are: Khaw Tai (Khamti Rice), Tangsa Textile and Yak Churpi. These GIs Registration offer legal safeguards and enhance the marketability of these products by emphasizing their place of origin and unique characteristics. It is a remarkable achievement, reflecting on the unique cultural heritage and natural diversity of our state.”

GI Tag stands for Geographical Indication, which is a name or sign given to a certain product that has a specific relation with geographical locations.

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