Germany to be Country Partner for Hornbill Festival 2023

Germany - Country Partner for Hornbill Festival 2023
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The Hornbill Festival, Nagaland’s premier cultural event will have Germany as its country partner for the 2023 edition. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the festival’s history and is expected to foster cultural exchange and promote tourism between India and Germany.

The Hornbill Festival is a vibrant celebration of Nagaland’s rich tribal heritage, showcasing its diverse cultures, traditions, and music. Held annually from December 1st to 10th in Kohima, the state capital, the festival attracts visitors from around the globe.

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Making the announcement on X, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio said “We are extremely happy to welcome Germany as the Country Partner of the Hornbill Festival 2023. German rock band; ELM Tree will participate in the Hornbill Music Festival, and the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata, will screen well-known German film productions at the Film Festival.”

“Nagaland will host a German Business delegation for a round table with the Investment and Development Authority of Nagaland (IDAN). We are looking forward to another great Hornbill Festival and hope this partnership will strengthen collaboration between the two countries as we look forward to greater bilateral ties and increased people-to-people contact.” added the CM

Germany’s involvement as the country partner will bring a unique perspective to the festival, highlighting the cultural connections between India and Germany. Visitors can expect to experience German cuisine, music, and dance performances, as well as exhibitions showcasing German art and culture.

Germany is a country in Central Europe, with a population of over 83 million people. It is the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. It is a cultural hub, with a rich history and a vibrant arts scene. In addition to the cultural exchange opportunities, the partnership is also expected to boost tourism between the two countries. It is also a leading source of tourism for India, and the Hornbill Festival is expected to attract even more German visitors to the country.

The 2023 Hornbill Festival promises to be an unforgettable experience, with Germany’s involvement adding a new dimension to the celebration. Visitors can look forward to a vibrant showcase of Nagaland’s cultural treasures, interspersed with the unique flavors and traditions of Germany.

About the Hornbill Festival

The Hornbill Festival is Nagaland’s premier cultural event, celebrating the state’s diverse tribal heritage. Held annually from December 1st to 10th in Kohima, the festival showcases the state’s rich traditions, music, and dance. The festival attracts visitors from around the globe, offering a unique opportunity to experience the vibrant culture of Nagaland.

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