Guitarist Imnainla Jamir strikes a chord for positive change as Global Ambassador for MasterPeace COOLeaders

Guitarist Imnainla Jamir strikes a chord for positive change as Global Ambassador for MasterPeace COOLeaders
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Renowned guitarist Imnainla Jamir has begun a new journey, strumming not just strings but the chords of positive change as the Global Ambassador for MasterPeace COOLeaders.

The announcement was made by Sudipta Dawn, Founder & Artistic Director at Culture Monks, who represented MasterPeace at the launch programme organised by Task Force for Music & Arts (TAFMA) at Niathu Resort on December 27. Dawn said that MasterPeace learned about Jamir through Task Force for Music and Arts (TaFMA) and was impressed by her musical prowess.

Jamir, known for her soulful melodies and electrifying performances, has captured hearts across India and beyond. Her rendition of the Indian national anthem at the Hornbill Festival in 2022 resonated with millions, solidifying her position as a cultural icon.

MasterPeace Global is a Netherland based NGO, present in more than 70 countries and comprising social enterprises, partner organizations, active citizens and artists. It strives to improving the quality of life on our planet through meaningful dialogue, collaborative creation and cultivating diverse perspectives.

The organization advocates for the use of sports, arts, music, and cultural interventions as powerful tools to mobilize communities and drive social transformation. Headquartered in Utrecht, MasterPeace Global is committed to building a network of like-minded Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to create a more peaceful, inclusive and sustainable world.

As Global Ambassador, Jamir will serve as a powerful voice for MasterPeace’s initiatives. She would leverage her musical prowess and reach to raise awareness about climate change, promote social harmony, and empower young people through arts and education.

“I am honored to be associated with MasterPeace,” Jamir expressed. I am excited to collaborate with MasterPeace to create a better, cleaner, and healthier planet for all. I would like to spread awareness on climate change through music,” Jamir said.

Commending Imnainla for her accomplishment, Abu Metha, adviser to the Chief Minister and Chairman of Investment and Development Authority of Nagaland (IDAN), expressed gratitude to MasterPeace for selecting a representative from Nagaland as its ambassador.

Acknowledging Imnainla’s talent, he praised her as a top ambassador for Nagaland, showcasing the state’s music and brand both nationally and globally. Her achievement, he noted, is a success for all Naga people.

Aart Bos, CEO of MasterPeace Foundation, through a message expressed happiness in having Imnainla Jamir appointed as the Global Ambassador for MasterPeace COOLeaders. “We hope this partnership will present her an excellent opportunity to reach out to a global audience and have the chance of working closely with our team to develop new artistic concepts and projects. MasterPeace looks forward to this amazing co-creation with her,” his message read.

Jamir’s journey as MasterPeace Global Ambassador is just beginning, and her melodies promise to echo a message of hope, unity, and action for a brighter future. With her guitar in hand and her heart full of purpose, Imnainla Jamir is poised to strum a symphony of change on the global stage.

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