Meghalaya rationalises and limits Foreign visits of Ministers

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The government of Meghalaya has decided to rationalize and limit the foreign visits of Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers and other Officials to two visit per financial year. This decision was held at the cabinet meeting led by Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on August 11. The cabinet also decided that, if the same officials have to visit the second time, then he/she should show the progress report of the first visit. After finding the satisfactory of the first visit only then the second visit will be issued by the State Government.

Many of these visits are on the basis of delegations, conferences and invitations for various programmes in the state. But the State Government has taken this step because of the budget constraints and the need for better organization. The state government can also sponsor only one visit and the second visit have to be done either by Government of India or by any other external agency. The only exception will happen if an official visits foreign country to receive an award on behalf of the Meghalaya government.

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Restricting foreign visits of Ministers and Officials in Meghalaya holds the potential for several substantial advantages for the Government and the state as a whole. It can result in significant cost savings, as foreign trips often experience substantial expenses related to travel, accommodation, and various logistical requirements. These financial resources can be reallocated to fix important domestic needs and invest in critical state projects.

Also, if the Government reduces international travel, it can sharpen the Government’s focus on local issues. This means Government leaders and officials can use their time and effort to solve problems specific to their state and make the Government work better. This change in focus on local issues can also help the Government work better with local leaders, businesses, and community groups which will promote more inclusive and effective policymaking.


It can enhance the Government’s public image and trustworthiness, as it demonstrates a commitment to serving the best interests of its citizens. However, it is essential to maintain a balance between limiting foreign visits and maintaining crucial international relationships that may contribute to the state’s development, trade, and diplomacy, as these engagements can bring valuable benefits to Meghalaya.

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