Darjeeling MLA, Neeraj Zimba donates to help Teesta Flood victims

Neeraj Zimba.
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Darjeeling MLA, Neeraj Zimba announced yesterday to donate his three months’ salary to help the victims of the recent Teesta floods in Darjeeling and Kalimpong district. MLA Zimba said “I have decided to donate my entire salary for the next three months, from October-December, amounting to approximately 3.5 lakhs rupees, to the flood-affected people in Darjeeling.”

Neeraj Zimba has also donated another one-month salary to the Sikkim Chief Minister Relief Funds, amounting to about Rs 1.21 lacs.

He highlighted that Sikkim and Darjeeling have shared a long-standing bond of brotherhood and familial ties and have stood by each other through thick and thin.

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He said, “Sikkim, as a guardian state has consistently helped the people of Darjeeling and Kalimpong in various aspects ranging from health and social welfare initiatives to helping religious institutions and sportspersons.”

Neeraj Zimba expressed that while the amount he contributed is a modest one, it is sent as a token of love with good wishes from the people of Darjeeling. He says that entire Darjeeling is with Sikkim in these difficult times and has been praying for a quick recovery from the damages caused by the flood.

DonationThe recent Teesta floods which occurred due to a Glacial Lake outburst in North Sikkim wrecked havocs in both Sikkim and Kalimpong and Darjeeling districts of West Bengal through which the river flows.

Regarding his donation to Darjeeling, MLA Zimba said that he himself will identify the credible Social Organizations through which he will provide the funds to ensure that funds are delivered to the right people. He said he will identify three credible organizations in consultation with local people and those who are actively working on the ground to provide aid and relief to the flood victims.

He also expressed his lack of trust on the West Bengal Government stating that he does not want to make the donation through West Bengal Chief Minister Relief Fund or the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration because he wants to make sure that the donations are solely used for the benefit of the flood-affected people, and not otherwise.

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