Papum Pare DC announce reward for sending videos of illegal activities

Papum Pare district - DC
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In a unique move to curb illegal and anti-social activities in Papum Pare district of Arunachal Pradesh, the District Comissioner Cheechung Chukhu has announced cash incentives for people who record and share videos of illegal activities like drugs peddling, gambling, illegal liquor sale, unhygienic garbage disposal by shops, and other such activities in the district.

The announcement has been made in the wake of many reports of shops/ghumtis remaining open till late night to sell liquors illegally, rampant gambling activities in the weekly markets and other market areas of the district, and illegal activities along the bank of the Dikrong river and the railway tracks.

The DC informed that “strict notices will be issued to the owners of weekly markets to refrain from any kind of illegal activity, unhygienic garbage disposal, and inadequate revenue payment to the government.”

The DC also launched the ‘Know your kith & kin’ initiative, under which the public is encouraged to post on social media platforms at 10 pm every evening to alert and remind the parents and guardians to check whether their children and wards are at home or not.

“The initiative will act as an instrument to prevent our young people from engaging in illegal activities such as drug consumption,” he said.

Papum Pare District SP, Taru Gusar advocated “joint and coordinated efforts by all stakeholders,” and emphasised “the importance of the local people as the eyes and ears of the law enforcing bodies.”

Inputs via: Arunachal Times 

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