John Gwite completes the Paris-Brest-Paris endurance cycling challenge

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John Khammuanlal Gwite a resident of Churachandpur, Manipur, a region known for ethnic tensions, completed the Paris-Brest-Paris endurance cycling challenge. Among 290 Indian participants, he secured a top-two position by finishing the 1,200km circuit in 59 hours. Also, he was able to achieve an impressive global ranking of 248 out of 8,900 cyclists worldwide who took on this epic challenge.

Paris-Brest-Paris endurance cycling challenge is one of the oldest cycling events in the World which began in 1891. Paris-Brest-Paris endurance cycling challenge is often called as the ‘Olympics of ultra-cycling’ and occurs once every four years. Participants cycle from Paris to the Atlantic coast and back, facing gruelling challenges.

In 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown, John Khammuanlal Gwite, living in Vasant Kunj, Delhi, began cycling to stay active and break free from a sedentary lifestyle. By August 2023, Gwite accomplished the extraordinary feat held in Paris, France.

Prior to participating in the Paris-Brest-Paris endurance cycling challenge, Gwite completed the London-Edinburgh-London ultra-endurance ride in 2022. He cycled 1,500 kms between the two cities in 110 hours. This experience served as preparation for the PBP challenge. Besides this, he had also completed some tough cycling events like the Devbhoomi 1000 BRM and the relentless CKB 2022.

Paris-Brest-Paris Cycling

His family is based in Delhi where his wife works as a senior nurse in a government hospital and he works in a data firm. He had moved to Delhi from Manipur 20 years ago. He says that at the age of 43, he took up cycling as a serious hobby, defying the common notion that people usually avoid tough physical activities at that age.

“Even though I regularly exercised and practiced martial arts, participating in global cycling events requires dedication and patience. Some might have thought I was too old for it. However, I had a clear goal in mind. I aimed to demonstrate the true meaning of discipline to my kids through my actions,” he shared.

John Gwite’s cycling journey, sparked by the lockdown, reflects his resilience, dedication and ability to achieve remarkable feats both nationally and internationally. He demonstrated the transformative power of pursuing one’s passions.

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