PM-DevINE Scheme: Initiative to Boost North East Development

PM-DevINE Scheme
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With a focus on developing the North East Region, the Prime Minister’s Development Initiative for North East (PM-DevINE) Scheme was introduced in the Union Budget 2022-2023.  This new Central Sector Scheme received approval from the Cabinet on October 12, 2022. The introduction of the PM-DevINE scheme is expected to be a transformative step in the growth journey of the North East Region.

The PM-DevINE Scheme will be implemented with a funding of ₹ 6,600 crores from the central government. It has been granted 100% Central funding. The scheme is planned to be implemented in a timespan of four years starting 2022-2023 till 2025-2026. The main goals of this initiative are fourfold:

Firstly, the scheme aims to financially support infrastructure development in line with the PM GatiShakti initiative. Secondly, it seeks to back projects for social development that are based on the actual needs of the North Eastern Region (NER). Thirdly, it aims to create opportunities for livelihood, especially among the youth and women. Lastly, the scheme intends to bridge the developmental gaps present in various sectors.

The execution of the PM-DevINE scheme will be managed by the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (MDoNER) either through the North Eastern Council, Central Ministries/agencies, or State Government agencies. To manage construction risks like delays and increased costs, projects will be primarily undertaken on the Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) basis. Moreover, the sustainability of these projects will be ensured through proper arrangements for Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the assets.

PM-DevINE Scheme

The PM-DevINE scheme won’t replace any existing Central or State schemes. Instead, it will work alongside them to build infrastructure, promote industries, advance social development projects, and establish income-generating opportunities for the youth and women.

There will also be no overlap in project support with any of the existing schemes of MDoNER or any other Ministry/Department. The clear goal is to maximize the benefits of the PM-DevINE scheme without redundancy.

Eleven projects of the PM-DevINE scheme given below have been selected for sanction for the FY 2022-2023:

  • Establishment of Dedicated Services for the Management of Pediatric and Adult Hematolymphoid Cancers in North East India at Dr. B.Borooah Cancer Institute (BBCI), Guwahati
  • NECTAR Livelihood Improvement Project (Multi-State): Value Chain on Utilization of Banana Pseudo Stem for Value-Added Products.
  • Promoting Scientific Organic Agriculture in North East India, using Improved Farming Technique & Digital Data Management through Capacity Building of Farmers and Facilitating Certification (Multi State)
  • Construction of Aizwal By-pass on Western Side in Mizoram
  • Construction and upgradation of Bamboo Link Roads – from Tuirial Airfield to North Chaltlang (18 km) at a cost of Rs. 33.58 crore; and from Lengpui to Saiphal Bamboo Plantation (41 km) at a cost of Rs. 66.42 crore, in Mizoram
  • Gap funding for Passenger Ropeway System from Pelling to Sanga-Choeling in West Sikkim
  • Gap funding for Passenger Ropeway from Dhapper to Bhaleydunga in South Sikkim
  • Transformation of 20 schools as Centre of Excellence in the Kamrup District of Assam by Public Works Department, Government of Assam
  • Construction of new four-lane road and conversion of existing two-lane road into four-lane with cycling tracks, utility ducts, footpaths, etc. at New Shillong Township by Directorate of Urban Affairs, Government of Meghalaya
  • Livelihood projects relating to Special Development of Eastern Nagaland by Department of Under Developed Areas (DUDA), Government of Nagaland
  • Establishment of Solar Micro Grid for supply of reliable power to Remote Habitations in Tripura by Department of Power, Government of Tripura

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