Sikkim has the potential to be a skilled youth development hub: CM Golay

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Sikkim’s Chief Minister, Prem Singh Golay, aims to turn the state into a center for youth skill development, helping young people to support their families. The Skill Hub for International Employment (SHINE) was inaugurated by Medhavi Skills University (MSU) in collaboration with the Government of Sikkim at Manan Kendra on 13th September. The goal of this project is to provide specialized skill training to the Sikkimese youth and prepare them for job opportunities abroad.

The program had Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang as the chief guest, along with Education Minister K. N. Lepcha, cabinet ministers, MLAs, the Mayor, deputy Mayor, councillors from Gangtok Municipal Corporation, advisors, chairpersons, SDGP Akshay Sachdeva, government officials, the district collector of Gangtok, and international delegates, along with students from Sikkim Medhavi Skills University.

Speaking at the Medhavi Skill University event, CM Golay emphasized the growing significance of offering opportunities for the young population to work abroad in today’s globalized world. He highlighted the numerous advantages SHINE brings to the Sikkimese youth, such as access to countries like Germany, Japan, the UK, and Australia, where the potential for higher wages is significant. He further said that this move is expected to accelerate the career growth and dreams of the youth and also empower them to support their families in Sikkim, thereby contributing to the overall economic and social well-being of the state.

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Golay also highlighted that our country, Bharat, has earned the most money through jobs and businesses abroad, and is working to bring these benefits home. He is also committed to make Sikkim a place where young people can learn foreign languages, cultures, and technical skills, so they can find jobs worldwide through this university.

The SHINE program aims to empower the Sikkimese youth, enabling them to support their families and contribute to the state’s economic and social well-being. By fostering a skilled and globally competitive workforce, this initiative can lead to increased income generation, reduced unemployment, and improved living standards for the people of Sikkim.

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Additionally, this initiative can help strengthen Sikkim’s position as a center for education and skill development, attracting students and professionals from across the country and beyond. The SHINE program has the potential to significantly benefit Sikkim and its youth, aligning with the broader vision of economic growth and prosperity.

Pankaj Luitel is a graduate from Manipur University and loves reading and writing. At MountainEcho, Pankaj contributes to the content team efforts and regularly writes for our website

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