Sikkim’s CM Prem Singh Tamang inaugurates two tourism projects in North Sikkim.

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Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang took a major step to boost tourism in the region by laying the foundation stones for two important projects in the towns of Lachung and Lachen on September 27.

The first project, known as the Maitreya Buddha and cultural complex, will be built in Lachen, while the second project, featuring the Guru Rinpoche statue and a cultural complex, will be located in Lachung, both situated in North Sikkim.

Under the “Sema Darshan” development scheme, Sikkim government has recognized the tourism potential of these two border villages. These villages receive a significant number of tourists during the peak seasons, which run from March to May and from October to December.

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The government is also planning to open its doors to foreign tourists in the villages of Lachung and Lachen. This move aims to boost the local economy and attract visitors from around the world. Reports suggest that Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang’s government will formally seek approval from the central government for this initiative.

Chief Minister Tamang expressed his confidence in these projects, highlighting their ability to boost tourism and draw a broader international crowd in the future. He praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of transforming distant border villages into thriving communities, underscoring the substantial advantages that both towns will gain from this initiative by the central government.

Tamang highlighted the significance of tourism projects in preserving Sikkim’s rich culture and traditions. He also emphasized their role in providing jobs for local youth and aspiring tourism professionals. The Chief Minister encouraged local residents to support and actively contribute to the growth of tourism in Lachen and Lachung.

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Tamang also announced the creation of an annual Yak Festival in order to protect the age-old tradition of yak herding, which is under threat due to herders moving to urban areas. This festival will either be held in Lachen or Lachung and aims to ensure the continuity of this traditional occupation and pass it down to future generations.

The infrastructure projects, along with the Vibrant Village Programme initiated by the Indian Government, are set to make significant contributions to the lasting development of these border areas.

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