10 Popular Northeast India’s thriving startups

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Northeast India, with its mesmerizing hills, rich cultural diversity, and delectable cuisine, has long been known for its natural beauty and vibrant traditions. However, in recent years, this region has also been making a name for itself in the world of startups. In this article, we will take a look at the northeastern states and explore how they are promoting entrepreneurship. We will also highlight some of the most promising startups that have emerged from this region.

Arunachal Pradesh: Zerund’s Eco-Friendly Bricks


Arunachal Pradesh has been proactive in building an effective startup ecosystem, offering incentives, financial assistance, and advisory support. Zerund, a brick manufacturing startup based in Guwahati, is revolutionizing the construction industry with earthquake-resistant, lightweight, and eco-friendly bricks made from recycled plastic. They aim to produce 50,000 bricks per day by the end of 2022.

Assam: Vantage Circle – Thriving Away from Silicon Valley


Assam, known for its strategic support for startups, is home to Vantage Circle, a SaaS company that focuses on employee happiness. Despite being located away from the traditional startup hubs, Vantage Circle has attracted clients like Infosys and Deloitte, generating an annual revenue of around $30 million. Their success story challenges the notion that startups must be based in big cities.

Manipur: Hill Wild – Products from Wild Flora


Manipur, with its government incubation center for entrepreneurship and skill development, has become a thriving startup hub. IT companies like Neopath and Mobimp, healthtech providers like PiCaSoid, and many others are making waves in the state. Hill Wild, a D2C chocolate brand based in Ukhrul, is among the remarkable startups, producing a wide range of products using wild flora from the hills of Ukhrul.

Meghalaya: COLKS – Empowering Local Farmers

Meghalaya has established a model state startup ecosystem, offering comprehensive support to entrepreneurs. COLKS (Centre of Learning, Knowledge & Services) is a prime example, encompassing various subsidiary brands like BEENatural (honey with farmer traceability), MADessentials (eco-friendly skincare products), and IN A BOX (spices). COLKS works with over 50,000 farmers and has achieved profitability while making a positive impact on local communities.

Mizoram: MizRun – Transforming Local Enterprises

Mizoram, an emerging startup ecosystem, has more than 100 registered startups, thanks to the state government’s support and incubation programs. MizRun, a standout startup, started as a food delivery service but soon evolved into a comprehensive business solution for local MSMEs. Today, it has over 500 clients and is expanding into various domains, including poultry and eggs.

Nagaland: NagaEd – Breakthrough in Edtech

Nagaland has gained recognition for its efforts to support young entrepreneurs, including the Lockdown Challenge 2020 program. NagaEd, a notable startup from the state, achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Naga startup to secure foreign direct investment. With a focus on education technology, NagaEd offers a B2B platform that enables schools to transition to digital learning.

Sikkim: NE Origins – Nurturing Talent and Innovation

Sikkim is home to one of the region’s most exciting startups – NE Origins. Founded by Rewaj Chettri, NE Origins is more than just a marketplace; it’s an aggregator of talent, microentrepreneurship, and unique northeastern products. This startup, valued at $2 million, serves over 350 Small and Medium-sized enterprises, contributing significantly to the local economy.

Tripura: Fueler – The Proof of Work Platform

Tripura, another aspiring leader in the startup arena, has been promoting entrepreneurship among students and providing funding support through the Tripura Startup Scheme. Fueler, a startup based in Tripura’s capital city, Agartala, offers a unique value proposition – it’s a proof of work platform. It allows freelancers and creators to showcase their work efficiently, building trust in the freelance marketplace.

Northeast India is actively encouraging entrepreneurship and striving to harness the untapped potential of the region. These startups are contributing to the economic growth of their respective states and also making a mark on the national and international stages. As the region continues to nurture entrepreneurship, we can expect to see more exciting ventures emerging from this vibrant corner of India.

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