UGC removes Meghalaya’s Techno Global University from its list

Techno Global University
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As per the state government’s advice, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has officially removed Techno Global University, Shillong Polytechnic Campus, Mawlai, Shillong, Meghalaya from its list. This decision was communicated through a public notice on December 27 last year.

The university, located at the Shillong Polytechnic Campus in the Mawlai area of Shillong, was one of several private universities allowed to establish a campus in Meghalaya after the state government passed the necessary legislation in 2008.

Techno Global University was established under the Meghalaya State Legislative Act and received approval from the UGC on April 1, 2009, to offer various courses and programs. Despite appearing on the UGC’s list in January 2013, concerns were raised by the Education Department about its non-existence.

In a letter dated September 27, 2022, the department recommended removing the university’s name from the UGC list. The UGC justified this decision by citing information from the university’s official website, which stated that Techno Global University, Shillong, had not initiated any academic activities since its inception. The university claimed to have never issued any academic documents and had not authorized anyone to act on its behalf. Consequently, the UGC decided to delist the university.


The official notice clarified that Techno Global University, Shillong Polytechnic Campus, Mawlai, Shillong, Meghalaya, was initially established by the Government of Meghalaya as a State Private University, leading to its inclusion in the UGC list in January 2013. However, based on the recommendation of the Education Department, Government of Meghalaya, the university’s name was proposed for removal from the UGC list on September 27, 2022, due to its non-existence.

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