VIDEO: What Not to Do when you encounter a bear?

Bear video encounter - what not to do
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Encountering a bear can be a potentially dangerous situation, and it’s important to know how to react to increase your safety. Watch this video about a group of tourist in a difficult situation.

Here’s what not to do when you encounter a bear:

  • Don’t Run: Running can trigger a bear’s predatory instinct to chase. Bears are incredibly fast and can easily outrun humans, so attempting to flee might provoke an attack.
  • Don’t Approach: Do not approach the bear, especially if it has cubs. Bears are protective of their young and may perceive you as a threat.
  • Don’t Make Sudden Movements: Sudden movements or loud noises can startle a bear and cause it to react defensively. Remain calm and move slowly.
  • Don’t Make Eye Contact: Direct eye contact can be perceived as a threat or challenge by a bear. Instead, avoid staring and look away while keeping the bear in your peripheral vision.
  • Don’t Climb a Tree: While some bears may be less skilled climbers, many can easily ascend trees. Climbing a tree might not provide the safety you expect.
  • Don’t Play Dead Unless it’s a Grizzly: Playing dead is a strategy for surviving a grizzly bear attack. However, if you encounter a black bear, fight back aggressively. Black bears are more likely to view you as potential prey.
  • Don’t Make Noise: While noise can help alert bears to your presence and prevent surprise encounters, loud yelling or screaming might agitate the bear. Speak calmly and avoid sudden loud noises.
  • Don’t Drop Food: If you have food with you, do not throw it at the bear or drop it to distract them. This could encourage bears to associate humans with food, leading to more dangerous encounters in the future.
  • Don’t Corner the Bear: Avoid approaching the bear in a way that corners it. Bears can become agitated when they feel trapped and may react defensively.
  • Don’t Turn Your Back: Always keep the bear in your sight. Turning your back might be perceived as a sign of vulnerability.
  • Don’t Use Bear Spray Improperly: If you have bear spray, be sure to read the instructions and know how to use it correctly. Bear spray can be an effective deterrent when used properly.
  • Don’t Rely on Small Weapons: Pepper spray, firearms, and other small weapons might not be effective against a charging bear. It’s best to focus on prevention and proper behavior.

Bear video encounter - what not to do

Remember that the best way to avoid bear encounters is to make noise while hiking, travel in groups, and carry bear spray. Educating yourself about bear behavior and understanding how to react appropriately can greatly increase your safety when you encounter these majestic yet potentially dangerous animals.

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