Filmaker Pearson Anãl releases Anãl feature film ‘Dangterri’

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An Anãl feature film by Sng Pearson Anãl, ‘Dangterri,’ was released on Friday, October 20, 2023. The release of the movie marks an important milestone for the Anãl community’s representation in Manipur’s film industry. The release ceremony was graced by the presence of St Rithung Anãl, Deputy Secretary, along with several other dignitaries.

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The event was attended by Rl Ngamhring, Assistant Engineer at PHED Chandel, JS Premi, District Health Programme Officer, Chandel and Zakin Langhu, Block Manager, MSRLM, Chandel. Also in attendance were many public leaders of the region.

The film, ‘Dangterri,’ is the tenth project directed by producer-director Pearson Anãl, who is known for his contributions to Anãl’s cinematic landscape. The movie stars Hb Ruwngthung, NL Shangrina, Py Inihring, and JS Alphine in the lead roles.

Addressing the gathering, Pearson Anãl emphasized the importance of diversity and the representation of minority communities in the film industry. He acknowledged that the Anãl community, despite being a relatively smaller group, is making strides in the world of cinema. Pearson Anãl also shed light on the challenges faced by his community in promoting films.

“Being a small community, we face certain challenges in promoting our films,” Pearson Anãl said. He further urged the public to rally behind such creative endeavors and appealed to the government to support and promote film industries that represent minority communities in the state.

The release of ‘Dangterri’ marks a significant moment for the Anãl community and highlights the importance of inclusivity in Manipur’s film industry. As cinema continues to be a powerful medium for storytelling and cultural preservation, fostering the representation of various communities is essential for a richer and more vibrant cinematic landscape.

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