From Sky to Silver Screen: Flight attendant Sreejita Bhattacharya from Tripura to debut in Bollywood

Sreejita Bhattacharya
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Sreejita Bhattacharya is a native of Tripura and is preparing for her acting debut in Bollywood. She is the daughter of Jayanta Bhattacharya and Suma De Bhattacharya, who hails from Jayanagar, Agartala.

She currently works as a flight attendant in Mumbai and had an unexpected encounter with Bollywood director Alok Srivastava at Mumbai airport.

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Sreejita feels astonished at the unexpected turn of events that led her to the glitzy world of Bollywood. Her serendipitous encounter with Bollywood director Alok Srivastava at the Mumbai airport proved to be the turning point in her life.

Alok Srivastava was impressed by her potential and invited her to his office for auditions and tests.

Eager to seize the opportunity, Sreejita promptly accepted the director’s invitation and went for a series of auditions and screen tests.

It has come to light that Sreejita successfully cleared the auditions and will be part of the cast for Alok Srivastava’s upcoming movie, “Manali Cream,” which begins production in January, 2024.

While details about the film’s plot and the character she will portray remain under wraps, the anticipation surrounding her debut is creating a buzz in the North East.

There has already been a buzz in cinematic circles about former Miss Arunachal Tengam Celine Koyu who made her debut on the OTT platform in ‘Aspirants Season 2’.

Now, with this news, the whole of North East is once again thrilled with excitement about its gradual acceptance into mainstream Indian cinema.

Acting in Bollywood was not a childhood dream for Sreejita, but her desire to work in the industry grew over time, and she is determined to follow her newfound passion.

She has also featured in a music album ‘Tere Khayalo Mein‘. Taking to Facebook, she writes, “My first Music Video very close to my heart out now.”

Alok Srivastava is an accomplished director in Bollywood, and Sreejita’s collaboration with him marks a promising beginning to her Bollywood career.

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