Darjeeling Zoo elated on arrival of joyful Red Panda and Snow Leopard cubs

Darjeeling zoo
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In 1986, the Indian government took a significant step to protect endangered animals like the snow leopard and red panda. They chose the Darjeeling Zoo, also known as the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, to lead efforts in breeding and conserving these at-risk species.

The main aim of this zoo was to make sure that animals born in captivity could safely and healthily transition to life in the wild. This meant that these animals were trained and prepared at the zoo before being released into their natural habitats. The zoo played a vital role as a conservation center, preventing these animals from becoming extinct. With well-equipped facilities, this center had a clear goal of preserving these species and maintaining a healthy balance in the sensitive surrounding environment.

Recently, the director of the Darjeeling Zoo shared some exciting news – the birth of four panda cubs and a baby snow leopard. Two red pandas named Nira and Teesta became mothers, each giving birth to two cubs on April 15th. Additionally, Zima, the snow leopard, welcomed a cub on July 28th. Zima’s birth was particularly remarkable, as she became the oldest snow leopard in the last thirty years to give birth, doing so at the age of 13 years and three months at the Darjeeling Zoo.

darjeeling zoo snow leopard

The red panda is among the world’s endangered species and mostly inhabits cold climates. The Indian government has been consistently dedicated to increasing the red panda population. The recent birth of these four cubs marks a significant success for the red panda conservation program.

The Darjeeling Zoo holds a unique distinction as the only special zoo in India recognized globally for its efforts in conserving endangered species. It’s also India’s largest high-altitude zoo, with an area of 67.56 acres. Over the years, the zoo has successfully developed breeding programs that have contributed to the survival of these endangered species.

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