International School of Peace and Happiness: Assam’s Bijni welcomes the dawn of harmony with a School of Happiness

School of Happiness
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In a unique educational venture, India’s northeastern state of Assam will witness the establishment of the first-ever “School of Happiness” in January 2024.

Foundation of this pioneering initiative, aptly named the International School of Peace and Happiness will be laid at Bijni, Chirang district within the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR).

This School of Happiness aims to nurture individuals equipped to not only excel academically but also cultivate inner peace and contribute to societal harmony.

The school represents a crucial step towards fostering lasting peace in a region that has historically grappled with conflict.

Pramod Boro, Chief Executive Member of the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC), envisions the school as a catalyst for societal transformation. “The objective is to instil in youth and community leaders the human values for co-existence in a diverse country,” he stated, emphasizing the need for building “peace ambassadors” for conflict resolution at various levels.

The curriculum of the School of Happiness will embark on a holistic learning journey, delving into mindfulness practices, emotional intelligence training, conflict resolution techniques, and social entrepreneurship. Additionally, cultural exchange programs and community engagement initiatives will foster empathy and a sense of global citizenship.

“The conflicts of the kind Manipur has been experiencing are heart-wrenching for a region known for its natural splendour and hospitality,” said Boro. “The BTR areas have also faced similar unrest in the past.”

The Bodoland Happiness Mission, launched in 2022, laid the groundwork for this innovative educational venture. The mission aimed to equip community leaders with the necessary skills to promote happiness and well-being through conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

The school aspires to build upon this foundation, empowering future generations to navigate the complexities of life with resilience, compassion, and a spirit of collaboration.

As Assam prepares to enter 2024, the School of Peace and Happiness promises a new dawn. This unique institution, with its focus on cultivating human values and societal well-being, holds the potential to rewrite the narrative of the region, paving the way for a more peaceful and joyful future.

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