Kangaroo spotted in Siliguri, West Bengal

Kangaroo in Siliguri
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An old video of a Kangaroo hopping on the highway is doing rounds in Social Media. The Kangaroo was believed to have been smuggled into India, but it escaped from its captors and was found jumping along a road in Siliguri, West Bengal.

The Kangaroo, believed to be part of a smuggling operation, managed to escape from its captors, raising concerns about the illegal wildlife trade.

Social media channels are abuzz with video showing a Kangaroo hopping along the highway in Siliguri. The vehicle number shown in the video proves that the video was taken somewhere in West Bengal.

But the bigger question is ‘how did the Kangaroos land up in West Bengal’. No India Zoos have Kangaroos. So, in all likelihood, the Kangaroos were smuggled into the country and the animal was being trafficked for the illegal pet trade.

The kangaroo is a native of Australia and is protected by law. It is illegal to smuggle or trade kangaroos without a permit. The escape of the kangaroo has raised concerns about the illegal pet trade in India. The trade is a major threat to wildlife conservation, and it is important to take steps to stop it.

Experts have warned that the illegal pet trade is a major threat to wildlife conservation. The trade is estimated to be worth billions of dollars each year, and it is responsible for the deaths of millions of animals.

Kangaroo in Siliguri

The illegal pet trade is particularly harmful to endangered and threatened species. Animals that are trafficked for the pet trade are often taken from the wild illegally, and they are subjected to cruel and inhumane conditions. The removal of animals from the wild can disrupt the food chain and lead to the decline of other species.

It is suspected that the Kangaroo was smuggled into India for illegal trade purposes. The incident underscores the importance of combating wildlife trafficking, a global issue that poses a severe threat to endangered species and disrupts ecosystems.

This unusual incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for stronger measures to combat wildlife trafficking and protect endangered species globally. The local authorities are committed to ensuring that the Kangaroo is given the necessary care and that those responsible for the illegal trade are brought to justice.

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